ORACAL  8870  is the Opaque Cast PVC film, especially for backlit applications where the light from the background shall not pass the film. The reduced surface gloss inhibits undesired reflection. Available in white with a black opposite side and in black with a white opposite side.
ORACAL 8870 is especially designed for high quality application on light boxes and for production of internally illuminated signs and the start design of backlit acrylglass, glass and pretensioned banner material. Suitable for application on cutting plotters.
  • Cast opaque PVC film
  • Thickness  100 micron
  • Satin-gloss, black/white or white/black
  • For applications on light boxes as opaque film also for pretensioned banner material
  • Solvent polyacrylate, permanent

Sizes 1.26m x 50m
Service Life 5 years
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