ORACAL 6510 Fluorescent Cast


                    ORACAL 6510 Fluorescent Cast-PVC film offers high visibility when illuminated by all daylight conditions. Especially effective in twilight and bad sight conditions.Solvent polyacrylate, permanent adhesive .Designed for vehicle and bus advertising, name plates and graphics of all types which require special high impact visibility. Indoor exposure is almost unlimited. Due to the special release characteristics this quality is ideal for use in die-cut and comp
uter-cut systems.
  • 110  micron thickness 
  • 7 glossy colours
  • Intense fluorescence at daylight exposure makes it ideal for advertising
  • For short-term applications
  • Solvent polyacrylate, permanent adhesive
Sizes 1.26mx 50m
Service Life 2 years
Finish Gloss
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