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 Welcome to Leo Graphics !

Leo Graphics was established in  2008 with a view to meet the  expectations of the  sign & advertising media  industry of the  UAE .

Our team comprises of highly educated  professionals  with excellent  technical know-how integrated with a keen penchant on servicing .

Since its inception, Leo graphics have  made  major in-roads into  the Advertising & signage  industry  of the UAE  and  since then, have been  regarded as  one of the leading players in the UAE signage industry. 

Our motto is to provide the  customers  with  high quality   material   and  this  has earned us a major recognition among the customers .

We are the  authorized agents of the  ORAFOL  GMBH for their  world renowned brands  ORACAL, ORAJET, ORALITE, ORAGUARD, ORATAPE etc;  and  Leo graphics  has made it as a   single ambition to make ORAFOL  the number one in the UAE market .

Recently   REFLEXITE has also become the part of the ORAFOL family  and the brand is renowned  for their  reflective  solutions for the vehicles, personal safety, marine solutions etc;

We also deal with the ELTEE  Indoor & Outdoor media and ELTEE provides the  cost effective solutions  in the  sign media industry .

Q-flex is the premium quality  backlit  media and Leo Graphics is proud to be partner with them.

We are also the  agents for  DANSIGNS  for their  modular sign systems  and the patented  magnetic Lock systems .

We ensure high integrity and total  commitment to   customers  coupled with  the  outstanding service  and premium products

We value  the confidence our customers have entrusted on us  and our goal is to sustain and improve the goodwill  we have garnered.

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